Ready Reads Subscription Service

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About Ready Reads

Ready Reads is a monthly subscription service available at Suffolk Public Library. Participants in the program will receive curated content based upon their preferences at the first of each month.  

Ready Reads is a monthly subscription service where you’ll receive a bundle of books or a list of digital titles available on our digital platforms, Hoopla, based on reading preferences you provide. You can opt for physical books only or a combination of physical and digital if you prefer.

Sign up for Ready Reads here. Sign up for Hoopla here.

How to Sign Up

Complete the online form to sign up for Ready Reads and select your preferences. Need help completing the form? Call the library or ask a library staff member at your next visit. Use the form to update your preferences or cancel your subscription at any time. The form must be completed by the 15th of the month to receive a bundle the next month.

Provide Feedback

We want to know how we're doing! Have feedback about the service in general or about the titles selected for you? Complete the online form or fill out the comment card found in your Ready Reads bundle.


Who can sign up for Ready Reads? Anyone with an active Suffolk Public Library card in good standing can sign up. If you don't have a library card, feel free to sign up for Ready Reads but come prepared with photo identification to sign up for a library card at your first pickup. View library card requirements here.

When do I pick up my subscription? Book bundles will be available the first operating business day of each month and will be held for 7 days. After 7 days, the bundle will be cancelled and the books returned. If books are not picked up a second time, your subscription will be paused and you must complete a new form to resume your subscription.

What if I receive a title I've already read? There are no swap-outs with Ready Reads. We recommend requesting at least two books when signing up for Ready Reads and using the online form to indicate any series or authors you have already read.

How do I cancel my subscription? You can cancel at any time using the online form, by indicating on the comment card provided with each Ready Reads bundle or by contacting any Suffolk Public Library location.