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Download eBooks, audiobooks, and eMagazines to your device right now, or stream music, movies and TV shows from our large online collection. If you need personal one-on-one help connecting your device to our services, set up a Discovery Appointment and one of our staff members will be happy to assist you. All you need is your Suffolk Public Library card and PIN to get started.

Welcome to hoopla Flex Borrows!​

Starting November 18, you have even more to love about your Suffolk Public Library digital collection on hoopla.

New hoopla Flex Borrows!

In addition to the 6 hoopla Instant borrows you receive each month with your Suffolk Public Library card, you now will have unlimited hoopla Flex borrows you can use on thousands of specially marked hoopla Flex eBooks and Audiobooks.

With hoopla Flex titles you will find thousands of new and popular books that you can borrow now or place on hold to read later. If you ever run out of hoopla Flex borrows, you can always return a checked out Flex item and select a new one. Don’t forget to check your holds on hoopla after the launch. Your holds will expire in 48 hours.

How to Access hoopla

You can Read, Watch, and Listen to more than 950,000 eBooks, audiobooks, comics, movies, music, or television titles that are available to stream or download. You can sign up for hoopla with your Suffolk Public Library card at hoopladigital.com and download the hoopla app from your favorite app store.
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