About Suffolk Public Library

The Suffolk Public Library offers over 160,000 books, books on CD, magazines, as well as digital books, movies, and music to educate, entertain, and explore from 3 library locations in addition to outreach services that include a bookmobile, Pop-Up Library and more.

Friendly and professional staff are available to assist in finding information, teaching classes from early literacy to Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) to technology, and connecting people and groups to each other.

Library Vision Statement

A hub for community connection and a spark for change.

Library Mission Statement

Connect individuals and groups to experiences, information, and resources, prioritize equitable access to opportunities, and serve the unique needs of a diverse community.

Library Values

Community Focused: We ground our decisions in community need, taking action based on authentic knowledge of our community.

Nimble: We respond to the changing reality of our community with creativity and flexibility.

Inclusive: We amplify voices not heard and shine a light on those traditionally and historically not seen. We take a collaborative approach to our work that brings diverse voices to the table. 

Constructive: We are driven by the impact we have on the community. We are productive and our work is measured by its effectiveness. 

Adventurous: We are bold, brave risk-takers. We explore new ground, try new things, and seek out hard challenges.