Meeting Space Reservation

You are now able to conveniently check availability and submit a request for meeting space online through the links below.


How much does it cost to rent meeting space at the library?

There is no charge to rent meeting space. See meeting room policy for additional costs that may be incurred.

What types of meetings are permitted?

Meetings may be held in Library meeting space if they meet all the requirements established by the City Council. The organization shall not violate the Civil Rights Compliance Act or any existing local, state or federal law, or hold secret meetings or engage in promotional activities (e.g. sales of goods or services, admission or other fees/donations, etc). In addition, out-of-town groups must receive special permission from the City Council to use Library facilities

Can I promote my event?

You can promote your event but must agree to include the following on any promotional materials: "This is NOT a library-sponsored activity and is not endorsed by the Library or City of Suffolk." Any use of the Suffolk Public Library logo is prohibited unless prior approval is obtained.

How soon can I place a request?

Meeting space may be reserved no earlier than 30 days in advance of the date of the proposed meeting. It is recommended that reservations be made no later than seven days before the requested meeting date. Applications will not be accepted 24 hours before the requested date. If you are looking to book further out than 30 days please check back later. The library will not place holds on space that is outside the booking window. Reservations cannot be made for meetings that happen before 10:00 am.

What if I don't have an e-mail address?

An e-mail address is required in order to receive confirmation e-mails and updates about your meeting space. If you do not have an e-mail address please call 757-514-7323 during business hours and a library staff member will assist you. To ensure your receive e-mail notifications please add to your safe sender list.

When will I hear back about my request?

Applications can take up to three business days to process. The meeting room is not confirmed for use until applicant receives an official confirmation e-mail.

How many people does the meeting space accomodate?

Chuckatuck Library meeting space holds up to 10 people. Morgan Memorial Library meeting space holds up to 25 people. North Suffolk Library Conference Room space holds up to 12 people, and the ECDC Resource room and Study Room each hold 4 people.

How big is the meeting space?

Chuckatuck meeting space dimensions are 17'10" x 13'. Morgan Memorial meeting space dimensions are 39'9" x 16'7". North Suffolk Library Conference Room is 21'x14', and the ECDC Resource Room and Study Room are both 10'6" x 14'.

What technology do you offer?

We have a projector available based upon availability. This can be requested through the application.

Submit a Request

To check availability and request use of library meeting space select the library location button below. Select the desired date in the calendar and a single time slot or multiple to request a reservation. Review the terms and conditions and complete the application then submit it for review. Meeting space for the public is only available during library hours of operation. Reservations cannot be made for meetings that happen before 10:00 am. If you request a meeting to conclude at closing time we ask that your meeting ends 15 minutes prior in order to give enough time to clean up the meeting space and exit the building.  Availability will only be shown 30 days out.

for Chuckatuck Library.

for Morgan Memorial Library.

for North Suffolk Library.

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