When can I enroll my child(ren)?

Enrollment can begin any time after birth, prior to entering kindergarten.

How do I enroll my child(ren)?

 Enrollment for this program will be available through our library’s Beanstack webpage. You can create an account on your own, or at any of our library locations including our Library2Go.

Do we really read 1000 books?

Yes, and no. The goal is to read 1000 books before kindergarten, but it does not have to be 1000 different titles. Kids love to reread their favorites, so if you read a book more than once feel free to log it each additional time.

What are the prizes?

In addition to digital badges on Beanstack participants will earn actual badge buttons every 100 books read and a trip to our Intergalactic Prize Box. BONUS levels are reached at the 100, 500, 800, and 1000 book marks and participants will receive a special prize in place of the prize box. All participants will receive a lanyard to collect your badges after registration.

How do I connect with other participants?

Please join our 1000 Books Facebook Group to connect to other families participating in the program. We will also post photos and updates about progress with the program.

How long does program completion take?

Completion of the program is based on the pace you read together. Mathematically, if you read one book a day it would take three years to complete the program.

How do I log my books?

All books can be logged through the Suffolk Public Library’s Beanstack page. Additional paper copies are available at the customer service desk at each location. Our staff would be happy to log them into Beanstack for you.

Can we read the same book multiple times?

Absolutely! If your child has a favorite book, feel free to count it every time you read it.

What is the 1000 Books Graduation?

Upon completion of the program, you will be contacted to register for our next 1000 Books Celebration. Library 2 Go will make a special visit right to your door to celebrate this amazing accomplishment. Contact slomonaco@suffolkva.us upon completion to learn more.

What are Early Literacy Challenges?

In addition to reading 1000 books, participants can complete Early Literacy Challenges, such as reading outside or visiting a library program. These activities are embedded in the Beanstack program and completing 10 activities will earn a virtual badge.

What books can I read for 1000 books?

Any book can be read for this program. The goal is to read with your child, so there is no limit to what that entails. There are great book lists available on Beanstack if you need a new idea.

How do I know it is on their reading level?

At the prekindergarten age we are more concerned with building the foundations of reading. The focus should be on the enjoyment of reading.

Do books read at library programs count?

Absolutely! Following Storytime programs at each library location, the storytime leader will have a sign-in sheet for all 1000 Books participants. Our programmers will log the books to your child’s individual account following the program.

What is the 1000 Books Foundation?

1000 Books Foundation is a Nevada based non-profit that challenges local communities to read a book (any book) to your newborn, infant, or toddler. More information about the Foundation on their website.

How is the Suffolk community involved?

The Suffolk community is an official 1000 Books location. The program has no definitive end date as it is based on your child’s own reading timeline.